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At Mooi Hair we offer a full range of services, including:

Blow Drys | Colours | Foils | Hair Ups | Feathers | Perms

For more information on any of our services or to arrange a consultation with one of our stylists,
please give us a call on 09 235 8934.

A simplified prices list follows below:





Shampoo and Cut    $45 $33  
Shampoo, Cut and Dry    $59    
Shampoo, Cut, Dry and Straighten    $69    
clipper cut     $20  
Pre School   $16 $16  
Primary School   $26 $26  
High School   $35 $30  
High school cut and blow wave   $45     
Tertiary students   $40 $32  
Tertiary cut and blow wave   $53    


Additional Services

Shampoo and Blow Dry      from $35
Shampoo, Dry and Straighten or curl   from $48
Straighten or curl   from $35
Hair up, Ball           $75
Hair up, Casual   from $60

The prices below are for colour and a partial dry only,



Add a full blow dry to any colour for only $30.

Global retouch   from $75
Ombre   from $110
Top foils   from $85
Foils, 1/2 head    from $95
Foils, 3/4 head   from $105
Foils, Full head   from $115
Feather extensions   from $35 each


Snips of Sentiment

Would just like to say my experiences have always been amazing. The staff are professional, welcoming and friendly and the service is excellent.